Equine Facilitated Learning

“Enriching Lives and Enhancing Education and Employment Opportunities”

“A horse knows what is in your head, responds to what is in your heart and connects with your soul.” - Angie Wells


Hooves in Harmony is a registered Community Interest Company offering Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) programmes to people aged eight-years upwards from a variety of backgrounds. We recognise that not everyone finds the traditional educational system easy and have developed a range of programmes to re-engage learners, support existing curriculum providers and improve general well-being.

Horses provide a unique way of learning, the horses themselves being a valued teacher. They offer immediate and honest feedback in a completely non-judgemental way. Learning takes place through practical sessions through which clients will build trusting partnerships with the horses, allowing them to develop their own skills in areas such as communication, confidence, problem solving and leadership to name but a few. All the work takes place on the ground and no riding required, making this suitable for almost anyone,

even those who are nervous of horses. The horse acts as a mirror to our feelings and behaviour, allowing this to be observed, reflected upon and changes made, to benefit both personal and professional development.

We work with people from all walks of life including young people, youth groups, education providers, individuals looking for personal development and corporate organisations. Hooves in Harmony specialises in assisting young people who are classified or at risk of being classified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and helping them to develop a positive pathway of progression.

Hooves in Harmony takes referrals from both individuals and agencies and provides a free 30-minute consultation to allow you to meet with Clare, the EFL Practitioner and the horses at our location on the outskirts of Coventry to see what you think.

Hooves in Harmony aims to provide an inclusive and non-judgemental learning environment to allow every individual to realise and reach their full potential. We provide quality and innovative learning to enrich lives and enhance education and employment opportunities.


We offer Equine Facilitated Learning, Alternative Education Provision, Group sessions, Pony Partnership sessions, Time with the Herd and Corporate Team Development.